Monday, January 4, 2010

Braided Crochet Scarf

*~*~Hi Crochet Pattern Central people!~*~*
For Christmas I got two beautiful skeins of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. A few nights later, around two in the morning, lying awake in bed, I figured out what to do with them. I came up with the idea for this scarf. The Homespun, like actual homespun yarn, is so soft and beautifully variegated; it lends itself to making scarves. But the thing you need to know is, it needs to be knit/crocheted somewhat loosely, or you'll end up with a big tangled mess. Also, it tears easily, so be careful when you rip out stitches.
Of course, you can use a completely different type of yarn if you like. You can also switch up the braid and the number of ropes. You can make every rope a different color, or the whole thing the same color. You can take the same idea and shrink it to make a headband. And you can expand on the idea to make a huge braided blanket (but if you do, you HAVE to send me pictures). So, yeah, you've got options.
~~I hate to say it, but please don't use this pattern or any other pattern I make for commercial gain, cause I might want to. I do occasionally sell things and I take care not to use anyone else's patterns. I wouldn't feel right making money off hard work that wasn't my own. And I'd be miffed if someone did the same to me (because I so rarely do hard work).~~


Lion Brand Homespun yarn, size j/10 6mm hook
Note: I would suggest crocheting in the tails as you go (see end of post)
Base and rope one

Ch 13
1 dc into 3rd ch from hook (2 ch count as first st) and each ch across. -12 st.
2 ch 2, turn, skip first st, dc into each st across and into ch 2. -still 12
3 ch 2, turn, skip first st, dc into next 3 st.
4 ch 2 turn skip first st, dc into next 3 st (including ch 2). -4

Repeat row 4 for about 100 rows. Bind off. *NOTE: bind off loosely, you might end up having to rip out a few rows.*

Rope two
1 on base, sl into 5th st from rope one (aka skip 4), ch 2, dc into next 3 st (including ch 2). -4
2 ch 2 turn skip first st, dc into next 3 st (including ch 2).
repeat row 4 for about 100 rows. DO NOT BIND OFF. Instead, make a big loop so you don't rip out stitches while you are braiding.
-Set aside and repeat these steps with the second yarn.
-Braid (see below)
-Adjust length of ropes as needed, making sure the braid is even and as loose or tight as you want it.

Check to see that the rope you did not bind off (rope 2) has the loop on the side of rope 1 (if not, add or rip out a row). It's as if you started a row on rope 2 and are about to continue it on rope 1 (because you are).

1 ch 4 dc into each st on rope 2.
2 ch 2 turn, skip first st, dc into each st across (including the 4 ch). - 12
3 ch 2, turn, skip first st, dc into each st across and into ch 2. Bind off.
-Repeat with other color
Sew in any leftover threads, and you're done!

Braid Options
I'm giving you two braid options. With whichever braid you choose, it's important to arrange the two pieces, one on top of the other, so that it switches every other color (e.g. green, brown, green, brown). And make sure you begin braiding with the rope on top going under and vice versa. (refer to the picture to help my convoluted instructions make sense).

Braid 1
-take the rope on the far left and weave through to other side.

Braid 2
-twist the two inner ropes.
-bring the outer rows in.
Note: Check every once in a while that you haven't accidentally switched braids (I write from experience).

Crocheting in your tails

I was working on some random project or other when I had a eureka moment. I realized that I could crochet in my tails as I worked and I wouldn't have to sew them all in at the end (which I can't STAND doing). Here's how you do it:
Hold your tail on the wrong side of your work and treat it like part of the next stitch. In other words, insert your hook into the next st, making sure it is under your tail. Yarn over and pull under your tail and through the stitch, continue on like normal. If you hold the tail with your left hand, you don't have to drape it over your hook every stitch.

Right side facing:
I made the tail red so you could see it more clearly
Wrong side facing:

This method is especially useful when you are switching colors, you can carry the yarn with you so you don't have those annoying strings in the back. However, you can see the thread through the stitches, especially if your work is loose. This won't be noticeable if either the row your working on or the row below is the same color as the tail.


  1. Your scarf is absolutely GORGEOUS! Would you mind telling me what colors you used? They blend just beautifully.

  2. Oh no! The first thing I did was rip the labels off. But I'm going to Michael's this weekend/tomorrow. I'll bring the scarf and figure out what colors they are and let you know.

  3. Great idea and very pretty! I do that lay in bed awake thinking of what to crochet next LOL!
    Gotta love it :-)Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love this! It is so pretty what a great idea! I think I'll have to make one up for myself!
    Thank you so much for posting it!

  5. OK, They are both Lion Brand Homespun. The light color is Meadow, and the dark is Prairie. I need to start writing stuff down...

  6. I like this idea, especially if you have a little left over of each color. Home spun is great for color and texture.

  7. how long did the scarf end up at? when you say about 100 rows, is that the full length of the scarf?

  8. This scarf ended up about 4.5 feet and was around 90 rows. I like to make scarves long, so I suggested more. I also ended up ripping a few rows out so the braid would be tight.

    So, yeah, I guess the whole thing would be 104, 100 for the ropes and 2 on each end for the bases. That is, if you want a 5 foot scarf.

    Apologies for not putting the length in the post.

  9. thanks. I like a longer scarf, so I will probably make it 5-6 feet.

  10. The cool thing with this pattern is that, once it's all braided, you can see how long it is then add or subtract rows as you like.

  11. These are beautiful. My only question is how do you get the ends finished as nicely as in the picture? Maybe I missed something...

  12. so funny - i have a 12 year old wants a scarf for her new jacket and i thought how cool it would be to braid one! Came across your scarf and it is perfect.....God only knows how many more i will have to make for her friends when they see it...thank you so much for being so talented..

  13. It took me quite awhile to figure out your instructions but when I did I started making this scarf immediately. Thank you for posting the pattern.


  14. oops spoke too soon...your pattern has two colors making up four "ropes"; placing them together, this is the part I dont' understand, do you put them together with the first 4 rows at opposite ends and the "ropes" coming together? or the 4 rows on top of each other, which would make it very bulky on one end. I can't picture this in my head. Please help!


  15. Seriously, if anyone can help me with this I would really appreciate it! I have two bases and four strands and cannot figure out how to put them together! Please help!


  16. I also am having a hard time putting together. do the two bases get stitched on top of each other and the ends made to look the same? I also thought of making the first strand one long, long peice- like 200 rows and then putting the other two from the middle down. Would that work. The whole thing went so fast, I love it- but can't get it completed. Also Please help.

  17. Please help. I have everything ready, but have no idea how to begin braiding. Do you join the bases together? Off centered?

  18. Wow - sorry to see no response. I was confused also and thought I'd start it but based upon anonymous comments above - I'll hold off. It is beautiful though

  19. I just tried to print this pattern and it will not print. any suggestions?

  20. Re assembly: I am assembling my first one too.. and my thoughts are probably best to put the base ends at the same end of the scarf for ease of braiding, but I think it could be done either way. just need big table or floor :-) I'm just about to try to do the finishing so if I have any epiphanies will post!

  21. Hi Cutty, I have a question for you. I am having a really difficult time reading your pattern. For the base and rope one I can't figure out what to do with row 3. Do I continue that pattern for the rest of the row?? Same goes for row 4. And even when I skip stitches it doesn't go down to 4 stitches. I'm really lost, your help would be much appreciated!!

  22. Hi,
    I have just made this. You put the two base ends together in the way she has shown in the first photograph. Then you braid them together, then rip out rows so that all the ropes are the same length. Then you add a base onto the end. So the two ropes of the same colour are joined togther... 4dc in one rope, ch4, 4dc in the other rope, turn ch2 dc in each dc and ch to get 12 st. then dc a second row on top of that. So you end up with two 'bulky' ends. Hope this makes it clearer.

  23. Love the scarf! Started working on it, but I can't understand the pattern...I'm so disappointed. :( I really want to make it.


  24. Happy Holidays,

    Over a year ago, I made the scarf using burgundy and grey. I would love to send you a picture as requested, how can i do so?